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Final version of Swift Foot from the Feats of Friendship comic.

Headcanon begins here:

The standard mare body is for 18-to-30-year-old adults.

The slender, "beanpole" teenage AJ type body seems to me to be roughly 12-14 years old.

While the filly model seems to be 8-11 years old.

I believe all the friendship students are US high-school age, putting them at 15-16. Sandbar's body and limbs have similar proportions to an adult mare body, although it is a bit more squarish. He's definitely smaller than an adult stallion. With that in mind, I wanted a 15-16 filly body, so I took the adult mare proportions and made the limbs a little bit more slender, partway between adult mare and teenage AJ. The belly is also a little less rounded than an adult's.

Finally, I kinda like the ear style that Fleecs is using, which seems to be a hybrid of show and movie styles that IMO looks better than both. It captures the 3d aspect of the movie ears while remaining more show-faithful.

Does it work?

Flirty version:

safe1749545 artist:cheezedoodle96873 swift foot87 earth pony265599 pony1009680 idw15459 spoiler:comic10743 spoiler:comicfeatsoffriendship0152 .svg available8458 cutie mark49679 eyeshadow16548 female1401081 filly69572 grin40859 happy32166 high res32583 idw showified483 looking at you175511 makeup22783 mare501775 raised hoof48396 simple background408821 smiling260613 smiling at you5172 solo1093790 svg3700 teenager4750 thracian75 transparent background208692 vector77845


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