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Final version of Swift Foot from the Feats of Friendship comic.

Headcanon begins here:

The standard mare body is for 18-to-30-year-old adults.

The slender, "beanpole" teenage AJ type body seems to me to be roughly 12-14 years old.

While the filly model seems to be 8-11 years old.

I believe all the friendship students are US high-school age, putting them at 15-16. Sandbar's body and limbs have similar proportions to an adult mare body, although it is a bit more squarish. He's definitely smaller than an adult stallion. With that in mind, I wanted a 15-16 filly body, so I took the adult mare proportions and made the limbs a little bit more slender, partway between adult mare and teenage AJ. The belly is also a little less rounded than an adult's.

Finally, I kinda like the ear style that Fleecs is using, which seems to be a hybrid of show and movie styles that IMO looks better than both. It captures the 3d aspect of the movie ears while remaining more show-faithful.

Does it work?

Flirty version:

safe1616730 artist:cheezedoodle96823 idw14665 swift foot75 earth pony216363 pony884525 spoiler:comic10302 spoiler:comicfeatsoffriendship0151 .svg available7839 cutie mark43910 eyeshadow14064 female1286940 filly61698 happy28832 idw showified418 looking at you152745 makeup19162 mare439859 raised hoof40793 simple background361627 smiling224738 solo1004472 svg3345 teenager4436 thracian30 transparent background187345 vector72800


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