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safe1616823 alternate version38216 artist:cheezedoodle96823 idw14665 swift foot75 earth pony216400 pony884630 spoiler:comic10302 spoiler:comicfeatsoffriendship0151 .svg available7839 cutie mark43919 eyeshadow14067 female1287046 filly61707 idw showified418 lidded eyes28239 looking at you152779 makeup19168 mare439893 raised eyebrow6312 raised hoof40799 simple background361673 smiling224768 solo1004557 svg3345 teenager4437 thracian30 transparent background187375 vector72803


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Background Pony #0E65
She is pretty ❤
Sandbar agrees

Since YonaxSandbar is not a thing in the comic continuity.
Maybe there is still a possibility.
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