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Yep, just had to do this one too.
suggestive165103 edit150101 edited screencap75947 editor:jdmiles24 screencap247361 chancellor neighsay845 cozy glow8519 fluttershy231451 frying pan (character)128 gloriosa daisy1907 pinkie pie232994 rainbow dash253175 rarity197846 sci-twi27907 silver waves93 smolder9284 smooze652 spike85164 sugarcoat3612 sunset shimmer70118 timber spruce2042 tree hugger3116 trixie72894 twilight sparkle324537 alicorn260628 dragon66792 earth pony330090 goo1897 pegasus373601 pony1246359 unicorn411014 dungeons and discords833 equestria girls226087 equestria girls series37716 forgotten friendship6066 friendship games13715 friendship university757 legend of everfree8438 make new friends but keep discord2139 rollercoaster of friendship3269 season 81875 simple ways1384 spring breakdown2988 to where and back again2895 what lies beneath1642 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)15966 spoiler:s081499 angry31068 background pony10951 brother and sister5187 camp everfree logo372 camp everfree outfits2124 changeling slime711 clothes533073 cloud35808 cloudy6320 comic119747 cozy glow is best facemaker579 cozybetes1348 cropped53880 cute225432 dark4872 dragoness10933 dreamworks face1256 dress51260 epic snark2 female1535848 floppy ears61164 fourth wall2328 frown26954 gala dress4939 geode of fauna2295 geode of shielding2696 geode of super speed2971 geode of super strength2715 geode of telekinesis3414 ghostbusters365 glasses73515 hand on hip9850 hub logo10061 implied sex6857 las pegasus resident571 lidded eyes36324 loop6125 magical geodes10899 male434949 mare577601 nightmare cave175 nostalgia critic312 ocean8656 pointing4686 raised eyebrow7428 raised hoof56441 reaction image9853 screencap comic5149 shyabetes16197 siblings13000 sleeveless6506 smiling308964 smirk14952 smug7257 smugshy115 spread wings68948 stallion138449 stamping17 stomping750 the hub2677 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134647 unhappy343 upside down6282 wet mane5675 wings158274 wristband4283


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