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Uploaded by Background Pony #1AB3
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safe1754988 artist:ohemo208 princess celestia96905 princess luna100925 alicorn233575 pony1014798 alternate hairstyle29164 bath2993 bathing1017 bathing together84 bubble5763 bubble bath377 cute206208 cutelestia3680 daaaaaaaaaaaw4700 duo65069 ear fluff31427 eyes closed98558 female1405597 frog (hoof)13955 glowing horn20633 human shoulders946 levitation12607 lunabetes3641 magic75582 magic aura4680 mare504039 multicolored mane1698 ponytail18954 royal sisters4618 rubber duck553 shampoo318 sibling love459 siblings9577 sisterly love392 sisters9395 smiling262468 sweet dreams fuel1674 telekinesis28818 underhoof53921 unsure306


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