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safe2190004 artist:bobthedalek1083 spike92815 starlight glimmer60438 twilight sparkle360021 alicorn317700 dragon86489 pony1619866 unicorn545463 g42045907 bathrobe1752 breakfast473 clothes641495 coffee mug1997 dialogue94836 female1820086 hat125779 lidded eyes48913 male556427 mare752826 messy mane11028 morning ponies1724 mug6378 open mouth240960 robe4909 shampoo bottle13 shower cap113 simple background604885 table13234 teapot1515 towel4991 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150288 twilight sparkle is not amused2017 unamused24245 white background165068


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Goddess Erosia

bow before me owo
@Lord Of Dorkness  
I don’t see how an irl furry dog person would completely invalidate towels. For one, people wear dumb shit for style all the time, for two, some might find it kinky, and for three, it still dries you. It gets the water off the fur. Maybe you could shake it off like a dog, but that won’t work quite as well, and still, why make a wet mess out of the room?
The wall drier thing also sounds interesting but also I don’t think would be any more reasonable for dog people than it is for human people.
Lord Of Dorkness
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that’s why the hair dryer was invented, only 10 bucks at Walmart even less if you buy from a 2 hand shop or a garage sale
Read a furry story once that dealt with this. Can’t recall the name, but the premise was that a lot of people transformed into animal hybrids for some reason. Virus or something?
Anyway, pretty standard wish-fulfillment and nothing special, to be blunt, but the author did some interesting world-building with how some of the slice-of-life stuff would be effected. One of the few parts that stuck with me being that the towel was all but obsolete for those effected, and instead there were these heated wall fans. Like a giant vertical hair-blower you mount permanently to the wall, like a towel rack, so you could just step out of the shower and blow yourself dry.
The rest of the story was rather meh, but I thought that was a neat idea for how to deal with wet fur as an intelligent species, and it’s stuck with me.
Goddess Erosia

bow before me owo
Everyone is talking about real body care, specifically for the human body, but honestly I see this joke more as implying ponies have thicker manes/tail hair than people do and that means they make more of a mess than most people if their hair is wet. Spike’s probably irritated with Twilight for being a semi-nudist who just walks around the castle dripping water everywhere that he has to clean up.
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Twilight's Westley
Your hair really only needs to be washed twice a week. Any more and you risk damaging your hair leading to split ends and early hair loss.

Washing both your body and your hair takes longer than just washing your body, plus you then have to spend time drying it.
This is especially important if you have a full day scheduled.
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In media, shower caps are visual shorthand to indicate that someone is going to shower or has just done so without actually showing them in the shower. IRL, they’re used to preserve hairdos, and because some types of hair can be damaged by constant washing, especially if you can’t afford fancy shampoo. There are also other uses for them in salons and spas.
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never understood the mere existence of showercaps, why wouldn’t you want to wash your hair while in the shower? just either let it air dry or use a hair dryer