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suggestive (120475) artist:pia-sama (1380) dj pon-3 (27472) minuette (5192) rarity (163962) spike (71596) vinyl scratch (31567) anthro (214901) comic:rogue diamond (410) adult (2119) adult spike (868) arm behind head (1927) armpits (38998) black and white (10175) breasts (221471) busty rarity (10223) busty vinyl scratch (2297) clothed female nude female (2177) clothed female nude male (1321) comic (95868) dialogue (55161) female (830095) grayscale (32649) hot tub (227) male (283147) monochrome (140331) older (21079) older spike (4218) speech bubble (18692) sweat (21254) yawn (1226)


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@Background Pony #1DB5
If I remember correctly, the Lustful Diamond Paetron does has original stories in that universe, and they often have the NSFW versions of popular pages from Rogue Diamond. So it's not out of the way for an extended scene or chapter between DJ PONE-3, Rarity, and Spike that could be exclusive to Lustful Diamond.

Just my opinion though…
Background Pony #1D7A
That would be an spin off, not something canon. Am i Right? i know this comic has some crazy, but not that crazy to make NSFW things right out of the bat.
Background Pony #28B1
Please there's a page about these two thinking about who want to get out of the Hot tub first.
Background Pony #1D7A
we just cut the scene to the next arc? or can we have a few more wondering who of these two will came out from the water first?.