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safe2155185 artist:howxu700 applejack198842 fluttershy256174 pinkie pie253712 rainbow dash277443 rarity215907 sunset shimmer78439 twilight sparkle354831 bird13559 frog982 gerudo31 rito25 zora26 equestria girls253345 g42007815 clothes625946 crossover72668 dress61030 eyes closed137148 hylian shield75 laughing10959 link1511 master sword183 nintendo3884 patreon15208 patreon logo9638 princess zelda316 shield2714 speech bubble38190 sword14676 the legend of zelda4044 the legend of zelda: breath of the wild234 tunic272 weapon40751


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Flufux Corporations
@Phil Srobeighn
@Background Pony #E2D9
Nah, to me it would make most sense to have it be Calamity Sombra. Think about it. He’s an evil king hellbent on ruling the world through the use of black magic, and after he’s been defeated, he turned into a swirling mass of darkness that corrupted everything he touched. Sounds a lot like Ganon to me.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

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Link(リンク)=Sunset Shimmer  
Princess Zelda(ゼルダ姫)=Twilight Sparkle  
Hestu(ボックリン)=Pinkie Pie  
Revali(リーバル)=Rainbow Dash  
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That's him, officer
Kinda makes me wanna hop on the game again, but I’m too busy with Tetris 99 and Hollow Knight
These are all very fitting characterization choices, especially Rainbow Dash as Revali.
Especially Rainbow Dash as Revali…
Fluttershy is Mipha is perfection.
Background Pony #B934
Looking through the tag for the first time, I am genuinely astonished that this is only the third image to feature Twilight as BotW Zelda.
Phil Srobeighn
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No. No I do not. Though mainly I said it because my wife was watching and we have a big Shimmer/Glimmer rivalry. If I were choosing seriously, I think The Smooze would be best…
In the end, I’ve never wanted to be able to mod video games more than now.