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Cringy shippy stuff below, I’m trying to write more. I love this ship rip.
“You’re translating Ponish?”
Cadence lifted her head up in surprise at the sound of Sombras voice. She hadn’t even heard him come in the Library.
“Yeah, as a Princess I kinda need to know it…except well nowadays we call it old Ponish. I’m not very good at it however. These old texts are hard to read as it is, they’re over-
She paused, realizing she was rambling about a subject that most ponies had no interest in. A blush spread across her muzzle.
Ah..sorry Sombra, this probably isn’t very interesting to you huh?
He shook his head, that wasn’t the case at all. He had always had a love for reading, and Old Ponish was the only thing he could read nowadays.
“Princess, I very much enjoy reading. Unfortunately I cannot read the Ponish of today, however..I can read Old Ponish. I’m willing to help, if you will have me.”
Cadence blinked in surprise, most ponies ran at the sight of this stuff.
“Really? That would make this so much easier! Not many ponies are fluent in Old Ponish nowadays. If you want, I can teach you today’s Ponish”
Sombra nodded, a small smile on his face.

safe2175738 artist:saphi-boo185 king sombra17137 princess cadance40077 alicorn314749 pony1604026 unicorn538579 g42030508 blushing274411 book43597 bookshelf5661 crown29956 eyebrows24711 eyebrows visible through hair11823 female1804302 good king sombra734 horn191232 horn jewelry1000 infidelity10026 inkwell643 jewelry113264 library4198 lidded eyes48098 looking at each other34377 male551304 mare742016 open mouth237846 quill3394 regalia36482 ship:somdance217 shipping254350 stallion195882 straight179325


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