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safe1902295 artist:java--jive19 angel bunny10490 applejack183779 fluttershy231765 gummy5346 opalescence2223 owlowiscious2090 pinkie pie233242 rainbow dash253513 rarity198103 tank2928 twilight sparkle324914 winona2645 alligator1363 bird10674 cat7349 dog11522 owl1425 rabbit6645 reptile430 tortoise850 animal5829 appledog75 applejack's hat11082 bow35156 bunnified148 bunnyshy352 catified474 collar39172 cowboy hat20676 dog collar280 dogified316 gatorfied16 gummy pie13 hair bow19551 hair up70 hat102847 mane six34489 palette swap1516 pet six39 pets133 rainbow tank7 raricat344 raritessance5 recolor4853 simple background473631 species swap22660 tongue out122042 transparent background236436 twilight sparkowl18 winonajack9


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Background Pony #1059
Are they the Mane 6 transformed into their pets or are the pets themselves painted to look like their owners?
And can you make Boulder look like Maud?