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safe1724831 artist:nightshadowmlp392 edit134043 edited screencap66121 screencap224273 applejack171348 daring do6452 fluttershy214656 garble1836 lucky breaks109 maud pie12594 pinkie pie217989 princess ember6587 princess flurry heart7361 quibble pants1534 rainbow dash235964 rarity183424 saffron masala1641 scootaloo51551 snowfall frost733 spike79422 spirit of hearth's warming past153 spitfire13578 starlight glimmer49148 street rat50 sweetie belle49349 trixie68023 twilight sparkle302830 zephyr breeze2392 alicorn228056 pig772 a hearth's warming tail1514 applejack's "day" off588 flutter brutter1127 gauntlet of fire1478 newbie dash1074 no second prances1876 on your marks909 season 6835 spice up your life1074 stranger than fan fiction1052 the crystalling2185 the gift of the maud pie950 the saddle row review1445 barn3228 clothes466394 food71359 mane seven6586 mane six32202 mlp season compilation9 mud2584 pancakes1358 pinkie clone745 scared10573 scarf23536 season 6 compilation2 shocked7087 sign4041 spread wings55617 syrup249 table9346 text60383 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124796 wall of tags3392 wings110928


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