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Thank you Cyan so, so much for working on the vector of my submission, without you I wouldn’t have been able to have at time nothing.

safe2208537 artist:aureai149 artist:cyanlightning1167 oc965758 oc only703443 oc:aureai82 oc:azure lightning20 oc:mulberry leaves4 pegasus512231 pony1638937 2019 community collab809 derpibooru community collaboration6179 .svg available10793 absurd resolution68136 blushing281581 bow46238 chest fluff68049 clothes649637 cute270881 ear fluff53044 female1842115 flower40798 flower in hair13055 folded wings21610 happy45617 hoof fluff3427 hoof hold13480 lidded eyes50119 mare765933 ocbetes9117 plushie31359 raised eyebrow10122 raised hoof72318 rose5364 scarf32635 simple background614705 sitting95289 smiling410334 solo1454276 tail bow9750 transparent background291564 vector90770 wings232965


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Lady of Ships and Birbs
I love that the two of you collaborated on this picture together. It’s nice to see friends make art with each other, especially when the end result looks really nice like this picture.