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explicit479570 grimdark30923 artist:mirapony445 edit175092 princess cadance40560 shining armor28424 twilight sparkle361396 alicorn319872 unicorn550675 anthro365830 unguligrade anthro66159 g42055749 areola32001 armpits47154 bed59153 big breasts128512 blowjob42642 bondage47185 breast grab10228 breasts397871 busty gleaming shield678 busty princess cadance4521 choker21977 clothes645608 collar48771 cum107254 cum in mouth14799 deepthroat6896 dialogue95620 domdance90 dominatrix2835 female1831407 female to futa291 femsub14660 filthy dirty married sex767 futa62511 futa on female15793 futa princess cadance1040 futa twilight sparkle6950 futadom2161 garter belt12609 gleaming shield1518 gleaming shield gets all the mares4 gleamingslave71 gleamingsparkledance9 gleamingsub84 grope19683 group sex21369 half r63 shipping2711 impregnation4687 incest18213 infidelity10230 intersex64990 lingerie14256 male to female2163 nipple piercing8430 nipples246957 nudity521295 oral66468 penetration89662 penis217180 piercing65765 rape9193 rule 6333873 sex174529 sex slave1609 shiningsub573 ship:gleaming cadance170 ship:gleaming sparkle42 ship:shiningsparkle1874 shipping257763 sisters-in-law1217 slave3926 slave collar391 socks97345 spitroast3799 stockings49547 submissive23870 thigh highs61288 threesome14547 throat swabbing1335 transformation16379 transgender transformation2729 twiarmordance98 twicest1834 twidom1275 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150891 vaginal58617 vulva194572


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Background Pony #2EF2
I see Shining Armor has finally accepted her role as an eternally female sexpet. Perhaps she can get a clitty piercing to go along with those nipple piercings. Now all she needs is to bear some offspring :3
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Gleaming Shield obsessed
I commissioned this picture, and I always imagined the nipples only got pierced after his transformation to Gleaming Shield. On Cadance’s orders, of course :p