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safe1863369 artist:phucknuckl459 sci-twi27368 starlight glimmer52725 sunset shimmer68937 trixie72078 twilight sparkle320175 equestria girls222548 2018418 armband947 bedroom eyes67054 booette13 boots25939 boulder268 bow33612 bowser311 bowsette126 breasts315782 bush3124 cleavage38369 clothes519463 collar37936 cosplay30472 costume32338 crossover66308 crown21792 dress50065 floating4449 flower29601 forest11631 glasses71662 gloves23124 grass11406 group4104 group photo841 group shot496 hairpin2791 halloween9827 halloween 201835 halloween costume2236 hand on hip9245 hands behind back1659 hands on thighs133 happy35225 happy nightmare night19 hat99636 headband3831 high res74503 holiday25253 horn98673 jewelry80244 kamek12 kamekette2 king boo27 leather boots308 legs9727 levitation13424 looking at you196632 looking up18898 magic80862 magic wand731 necklace23435 new super mario bros. u17 new super mario bros. u deluxe29 night30055 night sky2029 nightmare night5126 nightmare night 20186 nightmare night costume1717 nintendo3730 numbers235 open mouth176432 outdoors14117 peachette7 ponytail20938 princess2608 princess peach527 princess twipeach18 raised eyebrow7244 regalia25559 rock5031 royalty1450 self paradox1946 self ponidox8983 shadow5410 shell349 shoes44525 skirt44780 sky16846 smiling297630 smug7056 socks75227 standing16223 standing on one leg862 stars18229 stone670 super crown164 super mario bros.4264 tail49297 teeth12239 telekinesis31425 text68615 toadette38 tree37451 wall of tags4818 wand1378 witch2718 witch hat3852 wizard681 wizard hat1011 wristband4144 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2497


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Background Pony #9E8A
Bowser’s 1st lieutenant, the Wizard Kamek.  
Or in this case, The Super Crowned version of Kamerk, who is called Kamekette.  
Master Fox

Nice. I can imagine this as a group costume idea. Though who went first with the idea? THAT’S the real question. I’m wagering it’s Twilight starting as Peach and Sunset getting the idea.