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Tell us your true feelings Smolder.

suggestive192539 artist:frist441446 smolder11462 spike93012 dragon87013 g42053233 arm behind head10378 arms in the air1063 belly45874 belly button112808 blushing279059 blushing profusely3310 censored penis135 commission120165 dragoness14431 embarrassed15544 female1828647 implied erection315 implied penis543 joke1477 looking down15031 male559319 molting127 pointing5817 reacting to nudity1029 sex joke55 ship:spolder580 shipping257461 simple background608989 sketch84141 small penis humiliation678 speech bubble40848 spread legs31169 spread wings97349 spreading32623 straight181743 strategically covered3665 wing censor21 wingboner9710 winged spike10276 wings229540


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Typical dragon banter, though Spike is likely to not understand and will be hurt by it since he’d not familiar with the fact that he’s supposed to banter back the same way.
IE: “Not my fault all of me molted at once while part of you molted several times more than the rest of you.”
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“Well, yeah, “Spike said, staring Smolder in the eye,“it only goes full-mast when I see a pretty female.