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safe2208527 screencap298761 amber grain118 applejack203286 auburn vision337 berry blend589 berry bliss589 berry sweet121 bifröst168 citrine spark498 clever musings202 dawnlighter93 end zone105 fire flicker147 fluttershy262489 fuchsia frost150 gallus9223 goldy wings99 huckleberry457 lilac swoop69 loganberry137 midnight snack (g4)198 night view121 november rain672 ocarina green77 ocellus6921 peppe ronnie52 peppermint goldylinks584 pinkie pie259627 rainbow dash284044 rarity220445 rockhoof1368 sandbar6893 silverstream7793 slate sentiments141 smolder11543 spike93308 strawberry scoop293 sugar maple166 summer breeze300 summer meadow221 tune-up66 twilight sparkle362722 violet twirl195 yona6478 alicorn322120 changedling11739 changeling67594 classical hippogriff7072 dragon87705 earth pony519769 griffon37498 hippogriff14382 pegasus512221 pony1638918 yak6352 a rockhoof and a hard place887 g42063536 beard5848 bow46238 butt238059 cheering1096 clothes649635 cloven hooves17021 crowd1586 dragoness14557 facial hair10599 female1842085 flying56485 friendship student2194 hair bow26569 hair bun5641 jewelry117632 male564198 mane six37990 mare765911 monkey swings1659 necklace33520 plot148634 rockhoof's shovel391 shovel1349 stallion201769 student six2101 twibutt9446 twilight sparkle (alicorn)151492 wall of tags7087 winged spike10344 wings232960


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