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It's the Episode 821 Tagging Challenge.

There are several as-yet-unnamed students:

Red stallion in foreground
Golden stallion just behind him
Blue-green stallion just behind Silverstream
Purple-haired mare just behind Yona
Light green and blonde stallion just below Smolder
Blonde mare behind AJ
Blonde recolor of Sunshower above Fluttershy
safe1658177 screencap216008 amber grain102 applejack165903 auburn vision256 berry blend452 berry bliss454 berry sweet99 bifröst138 citrine spark387 clever musings161 dawnlighter83 end zone86 fire flicker127 fire quacker386 fluttershy207473 fuchsia frost114 gallus6477 golden crust146 goldy wings77 huckleberry363 lilac swoop52 loganberry117 midnight snack (character)156 night view99 november rain561 ocarina green59 ocellus5070 peppe ronnie44 peppermint goldylinks450 pinkie pie211447 rainbow dash228401 rarity177511 rockhoof1108 sandbar5281 silverstream5915 slate sentiments111 smolder7547 spike77237 strawberry scoop219 sugar maple138 summer breeze225 summer meadow168 tune-up57 twilight sparkle294111 violet twirl149 yona4932 alicorn215155 changedling7944 changeling45107 classical hippogriff4761 dragon53493 earth pony231365 griffon26062 hippogriff9236 pegasus273163 pony922500 unicorn303800 yak4430 a rockhoof and a hard place799 background pony10025 bow27223 cloven hooves9593 crowd961 discovery family logo11626 dragoness7828 female1321294 flying36760 friendship student1622 hair bow14736 hair bun3182 hammer1670 jewelry58919 male357121 mare458140 monkey swings1280 necklace17367 night25219 raised hoof43119 rockhoof's shovel336 stallion102701 student six1576 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121050 twilight's castle3733 wall of tags2848 war hammer282 winged spike8135


not provided yet


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