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@Background Pony #192C  
Her relationship with Hasbro was always complicated. They may have hired to reboot MLP but it became very clear, very quickly to both parties that the other had completely different intentions for the show. Lauren wanted to actually give the show substance while Hasbro wanted to just keep halfassing like they always had.
Background Pony #192C
Or.. in other context this could represent what if Hasbro rejected her idea. Perhaps this already happened in an alternate universe. It does make me wonder what would have happened if FIM never came to reality and instead an alternate take for G4 was given from someone else.
Background Pony #D75C
Jesus, this fandom has really taken a turn for the worst. I bet if I were to make an image shitting on hasbro apologists then it would be downvoted into oblivion.
Background Pony #CDA3
Yeah, she said she was already gone by the time the first EQG movie started being developed. Though most people like to treat her headcanons as canon until the canon contradicts them.

Faust hasn’t worked on the show since season 2, as much as I appreciate what she did for the show, anything she says is about as canon as a fanfiction
Background Pony #CDA3
“She said nothing about your ascension, and that happened in the first season that she had no part in, so clearly, her opinions don’t matter anymore.”
Glory Brony
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Glory ✨
I love the first season but this does not mean that I hate the rest of the seasons but I do not like some things and I wish to improve is the inconsistency of the events repeat the purpose of the loop some things we did not find an explanation such as why the deer did not appear in the comic and why they look wild and like many things Diamond dogs and Babad seed and many
The Worst Person
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Yeah, it’s all about ||forever alone || friendship since Twily’s friends don’t always live on the same roof as they have different houses to live.
But I think not forcing romance can be hard since less to no screentime for a pairing can be considered one-sided.