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safe1946225 artist:the-butch-x1611 applejack186362 fluttershy235811 pinkie pie236696 rainbow dash257186 rarity201217 sci-twi28496 spike86483 spike the regular dog2997 starlight glimmer54706 sunset shimmer71576 twilight sparkle330081 dog11844 equestria girls230834 equestria girls series38329 mirror magic2750 spoiler:eqg specials5831 applejack's hat11577 arm behind head8305 barrette426 beanie4297 belt7526 blushing234733 boots27740 bracelet12473 breasts336034 busty applejack12279 busty fluttershy20611 busty pinkie pie12616 busty rainbow dash9762 busty rarity15362 busty sci-twi1118 busty starlight glimmer2978 busty sunset shimmer6792 clothes549681 collar40627 converse6527 cowboy hat21434 cute232063 cutie mark on clothes4844 denim skirt2017 diapinkes11436 dress52864 eyeshadow21904 female1579496 freckles35713 geode of empathy3610 geode of fauna2322 geode of shielding2727 geode of sugar bombs2499 geode of super speed2995 geode of super strength2741 geode of telekinesis3455 glasses75970 grin51578 hair tie1209 hairclip1331 hairpin2969 hand on waist120 hands behind back1711 hat106400 heart59773 high heel boots7096 high heels14167 high res83933 hoodie17463 humane five4796 humane six4540 jacket15848 jewelry88592 leather1952 leather jacket4498 looking at you212354 magical geodes11054 makeup30034 nervous7068 open mouth193143 pants18388 pantyhose3786 peace sign3908 platform shoes251 ponytail22205 poofy shoulders99 pose7450 raised eyebrow7768 raised leg9782 raribetes6267 ripped pants701 sandals5100 shirt31693 shoes48250 simple background490560 skirt47229 smiling323573 sneakers5829 socks80173 standing17524 stetson5433 stockings41130 sweat32881 tanktop9409 thigh highs47499 tights801 vest4650 wall of tags5253 watch1635 waving3614 white background126740 wristwatch601


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Background Pony #B626
Rarity, Applejack and Sunset are my favorites!
I love Sassy Applejack!