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safe2152005 artist:the-butch-x1662 applejack198639 fluttershy255839 pinkie pie253389 rainbow dash277022 rarity215663 sci-twi30979 spike91709 spike the regular dog3186 starlight glimmer59306 sunset shimmer78353 twilight sparkle354395 dog13399 equestria girls253054 equestria girls series40291 g42004804 mirror magic2913 spoiler:eqg specials6257 applejack's hat14022 arm behind head9882 barrette453 beanie4824 belt9198 blushing268304 boots32849 bracelet15261 breasts384624 busty applejack13780 busty fluttershy23562 busty pinkie pie14223 busty rainbow dash11104 busty rarity17384 busty sci-twi1343 busty starlight glimmer3370 busty sunset shimmer8042 clothes624588 collar47182 converse7150 cowboy hat25146 cute262809 cutie mark on clothes5846 denim skirt2220 diapinkes12493 dress60903 eyeshadow29151 female1778445 freckles42871 geode of empathy3855 geode of fauna2445 geode of shielding2858 geode of sugar bombs2582 geode of super speed3073 geode of super strength2836 geode of telekinesis3451 glasses87162 grin61888 hair tie1641 hairclip1733 hairpin3591 hand on waist155 hands behind back1923 hat122510 heart74351 high heel boots8479 high heels16761 high res405892 hoodie20262 humane five5696 humane six5241 jacket19524 jewelry110471 leather3143 leather jacket5239 looking at you253936 magical geodes11597 makeup39223 nervous8459 open mouth232524 pants21920 pantyhose4128 peace sign4685 platform shoes279 ponytail26459 poofy shoulders156 pose8456 raised eyebrow9782 raised leg11585 raribetes6965 ripped pants898 sandals5626 shirt39425 shoes58179 simple background584444 skirt54526 smiling388961 sneakers6386 socks93729 standing23970 stetson5818 stockings47572 sweat39716 tank top10703 thigh highs57973 tights760 vest5779 wall of tags6400 watch1878 waving4201 white background157184 wristwatch716


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Background Pony #B626
Rarity, Applejack and Sunset are my favorites!
I love Sassy Applejack!