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quick, slightly old sketch to get rid of some artist block~

a hangry limey whose babies and belly are needing serious feeding
questionable106364 artist:goodie-bag80 derpibooru exclusive24429 limestone pie4629 earth pony205178 pony854990 angry24354 belly25006 belly button68726 big belly8945 cutie mark41965 dialogue59507 female1181915 hungry473 looking at you147393 mare426130 monochrome142866 onomatopoeia3376 open mouth124991 outie belly button1105 paint.net271 pregnant12337 raised eyebrow6227 simple background348378 solo981096 solo female168809 speech3019 stomach growl136 stomach noise2748 talking4609 talking to viewer2142 text51893 white background87051


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