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Oh, and the mane 6 are at sea level.
safe1573456 editor:moonatik72 screencap198821 applejack158657 fluttershy197529 pinkie pie203008 rainbow dash219143 rarity169511 twilight sparkle282388 alicorn194874 earth pony198285 human141879 pegasus239006 pony844247 unicorn265456 magical mystery cure2134 surf and/or turf675 cloud27081 comic sans1406 elements of harmony2346 eyes closed80044 female897526 glowing horn16611 high ground12 magic65756 male304905 mane six29420 mare414695 meme78544 mount aris175 obi wan kenobi77 revenge of the sith98 star wars2975 telekinesis24659 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115036 who would win25


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45 comments posted
Background Pony #12CE
I love the who would win? Like gods gift to the orchestra or 2….VIOLA ROASTING BOOOOOOIIIIIIS!!!!AIR HORNS
Background Pony #3EA2
Obi wan should win unless the mane 6 gets higher than him. Lol…..higher. I could make a creed joke but I wont