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From Devianart:

Thats something that never looks good in the bed, lol

This didn’t happen, but I thought it’d be funny. This is from the first part of episode 2.

The joke was from this movie.

lol, or it could have been more like this.

suggestive148343 artist:flicker-show339 spike80531 twilight sparkle306299 alicorn233050 dragon58755 pony1011459 semi-anthro13584 school daze2815 absurd resolution67018 anatomically incorrect4237 bed42374 bedsheets997 blushing204813 comic111532 context in description82 dialogue68078 disgusting120 embarrassed11752 eye contact6610 female1402781 frown23596 glare8303 gritted teeth13253 groan44 implied masturbation887 incorrect leg anatomy1825 innuendo1395 lidded eyes31821 looking at each other21476 looking back60124 lying down19715 male388357 mare502627 messy mane7929 nervous5885 open mouth154615 pillow18662 pointing4183 prone26369 raised hoof48457 sad25080 scene interpretation8830 simple background409521 speech bubble24413 sweat27675 sweating profusely400 text62247 tissue590 tissue box252 traditional art120341 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126234 white background102580 wide eyes17405


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Background Pony #2793

twilight think of flash are sexy he and are wonderful sex time she can get with him over to think of the closing of her school!

I, Da Witchfinder


I’m not gonna lie. I thought when he said Happy Tears he meant tears of joy. Didn’t even cross my mind what it could actually be until I read the comments.