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From Devianart:
Thats something that never looks good in the bed, lol
This didn’t happen, but I thought it’d be funny. This is from the first part of episode 2.
The joke was from this movie.
lol, or it could have been more like this.
suggestive175376 artist:flicker-show339 spike87930 twilight sparkle335815 alicorn278891 dragon73845 pony1347795 semi-anthro19548 school daze3084 absurd resolution72014 anatomically incorrect4990 bed51076 bedsheets1504 blushing242554 comic125416 context in description107 dialogue81934 disgusting130 embarrassed13800 eye contact7384 female1625220 frown29642 glare8737 gritted teeth16948 groan70 implied masturbation1021 incorrect leg anatomy1999 innuendo1579 lidded eyes40123 looking at each other28226 looking back75514 lying down34297 male469200 mare630400 messy mane9300 nervous7423 open mouth202161 pillow22823 pointing5075 prone31238 raised hoof60928 sad28831 scene interpretation10030 simple background512261 speech bubble33017 sweat34363 sweating profusely526 text77651 tissue657 tissue box283 traditional art132408 twilight sparkle (alicorn)139778 white background134196 wide eyes18960


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I, Da Witchfinder

I’m not gonna lie. I thought when he said Happy Tears he meant tears of joy. Didn’t even cross my mind what it could actually be until I read the comments.