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Draws for cute cuddly kids.
safe1584267 artist:hotdiggedydemon411 fluttershy199498 pegasus246513 pony854731 absurd resolution63645 adorable distress414 anxiety173 anxious77 bipedal30869 clothes413798 crossover58071 cute180737 female1181611 floppy ears46473 frown21524 glory to arstotzka6 gradient background10871 gray background5950 hat77067 hoof hold7408 inspector14 looking at you147340 mare425941 mismatched eyes202 nervous5083 papers please61 parody15225 solo980832 stamp517 stamp of approval40 uniform9431 vannamelon44 wide eyes16080


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Background Pony #E9BF

I'm fairly sure she said right at the start of the video that HDD wanted her to play the game and made this pic as an incentive for it.
Background Pony #3124
Oh wow it's been so long since I've seen ponies drawn by hotdiggedydemon.
Background Pony #28AA
I prefer the stamp that's a perfect combination of the two. It just says, "MEH".

Also, wouldn't the stamp marks show up backwards that way?