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Draws for cute cuddly kids.
safe (1525466) artist:hotdiggedydemon (411) fluttershy (192860) pegasus (222495) pony (800355) absurd resolution (63078) adorable distress (349) anxiety (168) anxious (72) bipedal (29221) clothes (388876) crossover (55273) cute (167797) fascist (16) fascist symbol (10) female (850255) floppy ears (44824) frown (20938) glory to arstotzka (6) gradient background (10268) gray background (5665) hat (72390) hoof hold (6909) inspector (13) looking at you (135437) mare (389210) mismatched eyes (202) nervous (4797) papers please (65) parody (14968) solo (938989) stamp (502) stamp of approval (40) uniform (8601) vannamelon (39) wide eyes (15761)


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54 comments posted
Background Pony #B6A9

I'm fairly sure she said right at the start of the video that HDD wanted her to play the game and made this pic as an incentive for it.
Background Pony #A97D
Oh wow it's been so long since I've seen ponies drawn by hotdiggedydemon.
Background Pony #8AA7
I prefer the stamp that's a perfect combination of the two. It just says, "MEH".

Also, wouldn't the stamp marks show up backwards that way?