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I had actually sketched this one a couple weeks before Forgotten Friendship came out and all I had to work with was the EqG Mini of her. Then I watched the special and I thought “shit”, I went back over and changed it to fit the special more but kept the bikini design.
suggestive145439 artist:ponut_joe409 trixie68090 human156673 equestria girls203121 equestria girls series33617 forgotten friendship5512 abstract background15242 adorasexy9964 bedroom eyes60268 belly button79433 bellyring1451 bikini18518 bikini bottom1079 blue swimsuit357 bow swimsuit73 breasts283243 busty trixie4132 clothes466997 cute202833 diatrixes3167 eyebrow piercing887 eyeshadow16075 female1380912 happy31696 high res31118 humanized100882 jewelry65651 lidded eyes31209 looking at you172026 makeup22101 mouth hold17762 piercing42103 sarong1058 see-through5243 see-through skirt126 sexy30043 side-tie bikini424 skirt40366 smiling254180 solo1077757 solo female181431 star printed swimsuit14 string bikini730 stupid sexy trixie341 swimsuit28870 tattoo5661 teasing3814 underboob3996 vulgar description137 wrap skirt30


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