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I had actually sketched this one a couple weeks before Forgotten Friendship came out and all I had to work with was the EqG Mini of her. Then I watched the special and I thought “shit”, I went back over and changed it to fit the special more but kept the bikini design.

suggestive191740 artist:ponut_joe411 trixie79809 human248557 equestria girls257639 equestria girls specials24507 g42044973 my little pony equestria girls: better together40234 my little pony equestria girls: forgotten friendship6517 abstract background24637 adorasexy12873 bedroom eyes82875 belly button112076 belly piercing2136 bellyring1633 bikini25951 bikini bottom2163 blue swimsuit504 bow swimsuit74 breasts394877 busty trixie5414 clothes640925 cute267875 diatrixes3859 eyebrow piercing1602 eyeshadow30742 female1818846 happy45042 high res408586 human coloration6994 humanized120509 jewelry114975 lidded eyes48841 looking at you262622 makeup41211 mouth hold23927 piercing65105 sarong1555 see-through7615 see-through skirt180 sexy46490 side-tie bikini731 skirt56206 smiling402529 solo1437942 solo female236340 star printed swimsuit15 string bikini1105 stupid sexy trixie601 swimsuit39548 tan skin607 tattoo8299 teasing5131 underboob5149 vulgar description283


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Probably one of the bigger differences between show outfit and fanart outfit in this series.
No one’s complaining though. Goddamn.
Edit: Oops, saw the explanation. Guess I was right.