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I bet she enjoyed it XD
safe1881743 artist:badumsquish2184 derpibooru exclusive31971 sphinx (character)1064 human181811 sphinx2224 blushing224683 claws5766 duckface1148 egyptian1251 egyptian headdress291 embarrassed12804 female1519511 glare8531 guys literally only want one thing and its fucking disgusting6 hand10035 looking away4334 macro12254 male428742 meme86883 meta17235 offscreen character40348 parody16281 paw pads1178 paws5724 pov15982 sharp teeth4668 squeeze238 teeth12737 toe beans203 tsundere3153 twitter3395 underpaw1850 vulgar22508


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The sphinx is looks so royal, i think nobody touch her grandiose paw.  
its to high blessing to anyone.
Maybe i was wrong but i think there one way, if you anger her, than maybe the sphinx goning to trampling you, but the size diferrent is verry big, and i think you cant enjoying so much because you immediately gets flattened and you payed with your life for this pleasure.
Never ever spam her with your idotic demand and begging for her paws.
I think if you have very-very favorable personality and you act very-very humbly, you may ask her one time very carefully and assume a position in which the body is supported by a knee and maybe you have a very little chance for the sphinx slowly put her grandiose paw on you and you will be pinned undernath her paw. She may ad a very little force for trampling and if she care for your body you may stay alive after this grand-grand blessing.
But this depending the sphinx personality it can be happen she is dont care your body and your life and get flattened anyway…
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@Free Current  
Not if the terms of her riddle were “loser has to let the winner do whatever they want to the loser” and you answered ”You will hang me” to “A prisoner is told ‘If you tell a lie we will hang you; if you tell the truth we will shoot you.’ What does he say to save his life?” She plays by her rules, so you get to poke and squish and pat her toe beans to your heart’s content >:D