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I had to edit EVERYTHING, but it loops. So help me God, it loops.
safe1899663 screencap247619 apple bloom54877 scootaloo54288 sweetie belle52116 earth pony330428 pegasus374022 pony1247183 unicorn411368 one bad apple1503 season 31797 adorabloom3358 animated108787 apple bloom's bow2207 babs seed song62 blinking4445 bow35047 cute225537 cutealoo3286 cutie mark crusaders20366 dancing9465 diasweetes3252 female1536579 filly79646 gif37810 hair bow19481 hnnng2574 loop6133 milkshake1747 milkshake ponies129 trio14331 trio female3080 weapons-grade cute4122


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
Their milkshakes bring all the colts to the yard,  
And my gosh, they’re cuter than yours! :D
*Dies of cuteness overload with a big happy grin on my face*