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safe1900370 artist:yakovlev-vad559 princess celestia102384 princess luna106542 alicorn260873 pony1247932 bath3188 bathing1082 bipedal41793 blushing227706 bubble6516 cheek fluff7428 chest fluff49652 cute225643 cutelestia3889 derail in the comments311 duo97343 ear fluff38897 female1537246 filly79677 floppy ears61226 fluffy16064 forced bathing72 frown27012 glare8571 grumpy2856 hoof hold10104 human shoulders999 leg fluff3677 lidded eyes36355 luna is not amused574 lunabetes3860 mare578483 messy mane8741 nose wrinkle3365 open mouth183767 outdoors14755 rainbow5459 royal sisters5325 rubber duck619 s1 luna7834 sailboat103 shoulder fluff2384 sitting74335 smiling309538 soap804 sponge318 spread wings69075 suds191 sweet dreams fuel1818 toy boat18 unamused19233 updated486 wall of tags5052 wallpaper19635 washing331 water17282 wet mane5678 wings158616 woona5347 younger19380


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Celestia’s body shape here is at the same time both unintuitive and seemingly correct. I guess I have stuff to learn about pony anatomy, which sucks, ’cause I actually draw ponies. :P
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Rubber duckie,  
You’re the one!  
Who makes bathtime  
Loads of fun!

(not really relevant, but came to mind nonetheless)
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@Background Pony #F627  
Two months on, I still have no idea what you’re going on about. Yes, you gave some context but it amounts to explaining the joke. As The Joker once told Harley, “if you have to explain the joke, it’s not funny!” He’s 100% correct.
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Gonna invoke my linguist powers for this.
“Clunk” refers either to the sponge or to the rubber duck in the water. (Waiting on #F627 to clarify.) He also misspelled “absorb.” Hopefully this helps.
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Clunk the orange helps celestia give Luna a bath
Clunk: Don’t worry Luna, Don’t let it ubsorb your feelings.
It’s a pun. Read this comment
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It’s not hard to imagine that magically awakened and social horses would have radical skeleton evolution. Basically trading the range of movement similar to a cat or dog for a sharp decreasing in maximum running speed since they no longer would be fearful prey animals.
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I’m confused about this anyway. I mean when horses rear up they can end up in a remarkably similar pose to Celestia. The stranger part of this image is Luna. It’s pretty uncommon for horses to sit like that. They do still, an old mare we had that was besties with our border collie would imitate her all the time by sitting like that, but its pretty uncommon.
But… yeah I see nothing wrong with this. Pose wise its realistic, anatomy wise its as realistic as a horned, winged equine would be. I guess the least anatomically correct part would actually be the large chest and narrow stomach region, but I’m pretty sure thats just the added floof.