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Updated version of >>1601180
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@Background Pony #F627
Two months on, I still have no idea what you’re going on about. Yes, you gave some context but it amounts to explaining the joke. As The Joker once told Harley, "if you have to explain the joke, it’s not funny!" He’s 100% correct.
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Chicago Ted
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Resident Linguist
Gonna invoke my linguist powers for this.

"Clunk" refers either to the sponge or to the rubber duck in the water. (Waiting on #F627 to clarify.) He also misspelled "absorb." Hopefully this helps.
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Background Pony #F627
Clunk the orange helps celestia give Luna a bath

Clunk: Don’t worry Luna, Don’t let it ubsorb your feelings.


It’s a pun. Read this comment
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Go fsck yourself

Between the above and this:

Some shimmery/water effects have been added, or at least that’s the primary difference I see. Looks nice. :)
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