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Made for noobiestbrony. His shirt has Indigo Zap's cutie mark on it.

If the flying is troublesome, just pose him like any pony standing would be.
safe1586896 artist:lightningbolt824 derpibooru exclusive24611 indigo zap2326 oc611555 oc only412594 oc:microburst8 pegasus244056 pony854568 2018 community collab524 derpibooru community collaboration2867 .svg available7503 clothes413570 equestria girls ponified4151 flying34623 grin33344 holding2542 looking at you145990 male309097 plushie22023 pointy ponies3176 ponified38643 shirt21539 simple background348870 smiling217938 solo980544 spread wings48301 stallion94036 svg3183 t-shirt3704 transparent background180684 vector71510 wings78500


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