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Made for noobiestbrony. His shirt has Indigo Zap's cutie mark on it.

If the flying is troublesome, just pose him like any pony standing would be.
safe1638988 artist:lightningbolt869 derpibooru exclusive26560 indigo zap2366 oc642783 oc only426717 oc:microburst9 pegasus265919 pony904752 2018 community collab515 derpibooru community collaboration3752 .svg available8028 clothes435477 equestria girls ponified4161 flying36166 grin35556 holding2848 looking at you156710 male351026 plushie22923 pointy ponies3289 ponified39495 shirt22986 simple background370651 smiling230154 solo1019758 spread wings50780 stallion100622 svg3499 t-shirt4097 transparent background192503 vector74149 wings92961


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