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safe2153299 artist:yakovlev-vad593 part of a set22863 princess celestia111787 princess luna116251 alicorn309846 beetle183 insect3494 pony1581226 rhinoceros beetle33 g42006276 bipedal48654 cake12746 chest fluff63858 clover667 crown29395 cute263074 cutelestia4253 disgusted1624 do not want725 duo164163 duo female29472 ear fluff49195 female1780024 filly96142 filly celestia480 filly luna534 food99901 frog (hoof)19790 gritted teeth19088 horn178471 horseshoes2908 human shoulders1540 lunabetes4327 motion lines1111 open mouth232825 open smile29300 pushing1094 regalia35698 royal sisters6566 s1 luna8441 siblings21156 sisters17554 slender5035 smiling389438 spread wings91787 sweet dreams fuel2029 teeth21022 thin7868 throne4296 underhoof67937 weapons-grade cute4628 wings216622 yakovlev-vad is trying to murder us13 younger22615


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Background Pony #2241
Take a look at the beetle, it’s offering Celestia a flower…or a clover of some kind.
when she felt her wings unfold
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Goodbye Ponk Pie Hat
So adorable. They’re like giant fuzzy moths!
Which coincidentally Luna likes to catch by the thousand with a bedsheet and a glowing horn, and leave on the castle tapestries for her big sister to discover.
Background Pony #6697
Upstream words –
Luna’s humor =3
by Yakovlev-vad
Luna: - Look what I found! >w<
It is a biggest beetle I ever seen! He have to be a princess, I mean…
You are biggest Pony, like this beetle, and you are a princess, so it also might to be princess!
Plus he also have a horn!
Celestia: - Get him away from me!!! >_<
Luny: - But Cely!
*Squeaking - I said remove it!!! >>>_<<<
  • Nu Ok *NOM
Celestia: - *indecipherable cry
Yep, Luna’s humor)
Now she have to found something in her bed))
Why not, Celestia also can to do jokes :D
Quick little picture just for fun)
Background Pony #91A3
Luna finds her first pet, and names him ‘John’. Because what else would you name a beetle?