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safe1709014 artist:yakovlev-vad494 part of a set12133 princess celestia95123 princess luna99214 alicorn224941 beetle115 insect1764 pony970071 bipedal34691 cake9810 chest fluff39230 clover497 crown17036 cute200189 cutelestia3600 disgusted1209 do not want610 ear fluff29653 female1365454 filly66941 filly celestia350 filly luna346 food70266 frog (hoof)13012 gritted teeth12283 horseshoes2207 human shoulders935 lunabetes3552 motion lines536 open mouth146356 pushing818 regalia20033 royal sisters4455 s1 luna7287 spread wings54828 sweet dreams fuel1600 throne3137 underhoof52194 weapons-grade cute3699 wings107828 woona5067 yakovlev-vad is trying to murder us13 younger17403


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Background Pony #2241
Take a look at the beetle, it's offering Celestia a flower…or a clover of some kind.
when she felt her wings unfold
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Goodbye Ponk Pie Hat
So adorable. They're like giant fuzzy moths!

Which coincidentally Luna likes to catch by the thousand with a bedsheet and a glowing horn, and leave on the castle tapestries for her big sister to discover.
Background Pony #6697
Upstream words —

Luna's humor =3
by Yakovlev-vad

Luna: — Look what I found! >w<
It is a biggest beetle I ever seen! He have to be a princess, I mean…
You are biggest Pony, like this beetle, and you are a princess, so it also might to be princess!
Plus he also have a horn!

Celestia: — Get him away from me!!! >_<

Luny: — But Cely!

*Squeaking — I said remove it!!! >>>_<<<

- Nu Ok *NOM

Celestia: — *indecipherable cry

Yep, Luna's humor)
Now she have to found something in her bed))
Why not, Celestia also can to do jokes :D
Quick little picture just for fun)

Background Pony #91A3
Luna finds her first pet, and names him 'John'. Because what else would you name a beetle?