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safe (1126525)artist:yakovlev-vad (252)princess celestia (69747)princess luna (74762)alicorn (103570)beetle (53)bipedal (21526)cake (6101)chest fluff (15056)clover (213)crown (5540)cute (96238)cutelestia (1922)disgusted (604)do not want (417)ear fluff (9006)female (424814)filly (29793)filly celestia (170)filly luna (171)food (31889)frog (hoof) (3009)horseshoes (1516)insect (406)lunabetes (1570)part of a set (4523)pony (414149)regalia (5099)royal sisters (1754)s1 luna (5612)spread wings (27242)throne (1591)underhoof (30391)weapons-grade cute (1864)wings (21393)woona (4397)yakovlev-vad is trying to murder us (7)younger (10561)


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Background Pony #BA6A
Take a look at the beetle, it’s offering Celestia a flower…or a clover of some kind.
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when she felt her wings unfold's avatar
when she felt her wings unfold
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High unicorn tolerance
So adorable. They’re like giant fuzzy moths!

Which coincidentally Luna likes to catch by the thousand with a bedsheet and a glowing horn, and leave on the castle tapestries for her big sister to discover.
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Background Pony #68E7
Upstream words —

Luna’s humor =3
by Yakovlev-vad

Luna: – Look what I found! >w<
It is a biggest beetle I ever seen! He have to be a princess, I mean…
You are biggest Pony, like this beetle, and you are a princess, so it also might to be princess!
Plus he also have a horn!

Celestia: – Get him away from me!!! >_<

Luny: – But Cely!

*Squeaking – I said remove it!!! >>>_<<<

– Nu Ok *NOM

Celestia: – *indecipherable cry

Yep, Luna’s humor)
Now she have to found something in her bed))
Why not, Celestia also can to do jokes :D
Quick little picture just for fun)
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Background Pony #6EBC
Luna finds her first pet, and names him ’John’. Because what else would you name a beetle?
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