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suggestive145386 artist:zelc-face303 indigo zap2489 equestria girls203063 friendship games12698 alternative cutie mark placement1770 armpits43176 beach15357 beach babe692 bikini18508 bikini babe730 blue swimsuit357 breasts283143 busty indigo zap205 cleavage35085 clothes466837 crotchmark362 female1380500 looking at you171950 multi-strap swimsuit16 ocean6854 sexy30032 solo1077483 solo female181393 swimsuit28853 tricolor swimsuit117 yellow swimsuit117 zelc-face's swimsuits54


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Far too perfect. Love all the other ones so far, but you frickin' nailed my fave of the group.
Now to wait for all the nudes.
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It's really amazing, although her leg does seem a little long now that I look closer at it. :P Great work regardless!
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PM me your cute OCs
God, she looks extremely beautiful in that bikini <3

And yes, swearing is fully allowed. That's what happens when both site admins are very fowl-mouthed :D