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suggestive (82498)artist:zelc-face (214)indigo zap (1720)equestria girls (109133)alternative cutie mark placement (728)armpits (24215)beach (6626)bikini (9419)blue swimsuit (195)breasts (133158)busty indigo zap (79)clothes (245232)crotchmark (216)female (409725)looking at you (75638)multi-strap swimsuit (7)ocean (2455)sexy (9451)solo (667420)solo female (119435)swimsuit (13371)tricolor swimsuit (46)yellow swimsuit (69)zelc-face's swimsuits (34)

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Scootinator's avatar
Far too perfect. Love all the other ones so far, but you frickin’ nailed my fave of the group.
Now to wait for all the nudes.
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Background Pony #643E
It’s really amazing, although her leg does seem a little long now that I look closer at it. :P Great work regardless!
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Lord Seraph
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Pomegranates :P
Holy crud!
I LOVE the colouration of her bikini that blends well with her lustrous beige skin!
And her beautiful amber eyes.
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