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Twilight: “I need to stop hanging out with these guys”
safe1917539 artist:dragonpone350 derpibooru exclusive32831 moondancer5434 starlight glimmer54012 sunset shimmer70759 trixie73293 twilight sparkle326753 alicorn264107 pony1265158 unicorn419384 :t4150 blushing230787 cheek fluff7538 cherry1190 chest fluff50514 chocolate3832 clothes539801 coffee4414 coffee shop70 counterparts894 cup7424 cute228163 diatrixes3529 drink6211 drinking4211 drinking straw1074 ear fluff39540 eyes closed115044 food83719 glasses74483 hot364 hot chocolate1412 iced coffee12 levitation13806 lidded eyes37047 magic83633 magical quartet146 magical quintet114 marshmallow1462 milkshake1759 mug5198 ouch1127 pain2289 puffy cheeks4413 scrunchy face7692 shimmerbetes4779 shrunken pupils4709 smiling314954 spilled drink199 steam2411 sweater16684 teabag89 teacup3349 telekinesis32752 that pony sure does love teacups306 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135685 twilight's counterparts905 unamused19594


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