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Description from source:  
So I accidentally started streaming to Youtube. So I’m like… hey lets do some request doodles! Youtube chat blurted out a pony name, and I pick the very first name I see. I came up with the poses and scenarios myself. Sometimes adding other ponies too.
Enjoy the Doothles!

safe2199607 artist:tsitra3601408 aloe3156 applejack202589 big macintosh33953 derpy hooves57996 diamond tiara11915 discord37829 dj pon-333539 fluttershy261420 gilda11469 lotus blossom3304 octavia melody27909 pinkie pie258644 princess luna118305 princess skystar2518 rainbow dash283122 silver spoon7612 starlight glimmer60733 twilight sparkle361396 twist3178 vinyl scratch33539 alicorn319872 bird13992 classical hippogriff6547 earth pony515603 griffon37276 hippogriff13805 pegasus508301 pony1630128 saddle arabian840 unicorn550675 g42055749 my little pony: the movie21521 appletini514 blushing279579 butt236213 cello3199 derp8461 dialogue95620 eyes closed141351 female1831407 fetish58177 floppy ears74248 glowing horn29578 high res409309 horn204814 hug38199 imminent vore3192 looking at each other35346 looking at you265232 mare759603 micro12156 mirror7520 monochrome176606 motion lines1296 musical instrument15453 open mouth243084 plot147405 plushie31233 princess derpy126 sitting94450 sketch84225 sketch dump4122 sleeping29735 smiling406560 spread wings97595 spyro the dragon526 spyro the dragon (series)763 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150891 wall of tags6911 waving4357 wings230144


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