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explicit482973 artist:shinodage1120 somnambula2438 the sphinx1208 pegasus513345 pony1641221 sphinx2615 daring done?1052 g42065615 anatomically correct37142 anus141401 bodyjob94 bukkake3577 butt238563 clopfic in the comments1069 cum108134 cum on body4228 cum on floor542 cum on wings203 cumming33013 dark genitals18251 dock73879 excessive cum4433 eyes closed142601 facial11195 female1845018 flared4121 floppy ears74995 frown37074 futa62833 futa on female15860 futa sphinx155 horsecock102103 intercrural sex1305 intersex65352 legs in air5134 mare767808 nudity525125 on back35291 penis218722 plot148921 ponut66172 sex175527 ship:sphinxambula71 size difference22576 story in the comments1847 throbbing965 tinyface331 underhoof70707 vulva196724 wavy mouth5711


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This man knows his cum! If every artist would put this much effort into their porn, we would have far more enjoyable spank material on this site.
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<insert memes here>
Maybe after seeing Somnambula take the first load orally with no problem the Sphinx would opt for a different approach. Obviously the size difference would make penetration nearly impossible, but since she’s so much smaller maybe there’s alternatives…
After snatching her up, the Sphinx leans back and dangles Somnambula over the head of her cock, squishing her around in the leftover cum from the previous orgasm. Once she’s nice and lubed up, the big kitty gently presses Somnambula into her cockhole until the pony’s bottom half slips inside, her thicker flanks plugging the hole and creating a tight seal as the cat starts stroking herself again. She’d edge herself for as long as possible to make sure that she unloads the biggest batch of cum that she can muster. Somnambula would probably be starting to bloat just from the precum being pumped into her by the time the actual orgasm comes.
As the Sphinx nears her climax she puts one of her paw’s fuzzy digits over Somnambula’s head, blocking her from being shot out like a living cannonball, and then delivers the final few strokes with her free paw. She cums, throwing her head back in ecstasy as the first massive pump of sphinx goo is shot inside the little pony. Somnambula’s belly doubles… triples in size as she’s filled up, moaning as the constant stream of stimulation brings her to her own orgasm. Of course, the fact that she’s enjoying this only makes the cat angrier once she comes down from her own high enough to realize what is going on.
Looks like the Sphinx is going to have to come up with a new trial if she wants to keep Somnambula out… or maybe she can work out a deal with such a skilled little pony.
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@Background Pony #5DA6  
Instead of making Somnambula walk across the bridge blindfolded, Sphinx has a much more fun but still dangerous idea in mind. Using her magic to tightly seal the little pegasus’ lips around her urethra, the giant cathorse eagerly gets to work pawing herself off. If Somnambula wants her prince back, she’s going to drink every last drop of Sphinx’s cum, or die trying. Giddy at the thought of force feeding Somnambula so much cum her guts burst, and confident her victim won’t be able to take even half her load, Sphinx taunts her while she touches herself. When Sphinx blows her massive load and Somnambula actually manages to drink it all, Sphinx gets furious and says she’s going to cum again and again until the uppity little mare explodes, pointing out that she never said she’d only cum once. After another five rounds Sphinx is completely spent and Somnambula is perilously bloated, but still in once piece. Sphinx finally gives up and leaves, letting the gluttonous little cum dump wobble her way across to her stupid prince, stomach dragging along the floor. It’ll take her a few days to digest all that cum, so she won’t be flying anytime soon.