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I got one of those Munckin: Sketch Edition sets and created this over the course of 2 years.
safe1706854 artist:cazra163 alula685 apple bloom49513 applejack169946 berry punch6566 berryshine6566 big macintosh28267 braeburn6297 bulk biceps3439 cheese sandwich3968 crackle357 derpy hooves50169 doctor whooves10747 filthy rich1153 flash sentry12870 fluttershy212697 gladmane158 iron will1348 lightning dust4514 maud pie12470 mayor mare3277 orange bird21 pinkie pie216243 pluto685 princess cadance32477 princess celestia95038 princess flurry heart7263 private pansy281 rainbow dash233992 rarity181873 rover995 scootaloo51262 shining armor23169 smooze618 snails5316 snips4217 spike78793 star swirl the bearded2021 sweetie belle49044 time turner10743 tom886 trixie67501 twilight sparkle300364 zecora9362 oc684921 oc:doctor miracles1 oc:littlepip4099 oc:prisma planes3 oc:snowdrop1233 oc:spectrum square5 alicorn224507 classical hippogriff4963 crab874 diamond dog3450 dragon56326 earth pony248920 giant crab227 hippogriff9730 parasprite2045 pegasus291984 pony968042 unicorn323574 zebra17722 .mov1122 bronycon1941 fallout equestria17032 shed.mov369 do princesses dream of magic sheep1173 arrow2216 bow (weapon)1410 bow and arrow926 butt58927 card2775 card game277 chainsaw780 cheese758 cheese grater25 cinnamon bun172 clothes459764 cutie mark crusaders19031 dead4181 death5339 do i look angry234 doctor who3551 doors135 female1363510 flowey132 fluttershed249 food70138 frisk205 hooves17849 horn67325 just do it51 m.a. larson595 macro10894 madame pinkie112 mane seven6512 mane six31909 mare480836 meme81915 munchkin20 murdershy85 nightmare sunflower50 orange946 pinkamena diane pie19104 pipbuck3505 plot79042 rarity fighting a giant crab294 scepter1146 scootachicken898 scootahat24 sonic screwdriver611 sunflower492 sword11671 thanks m.a. larson197 thumbnail is a stick215 traditional art117840 treasure309 turban152 twilight scepter2034 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123671 undertale1724 vault suit3533 vulgar20730 waifu thief664 wall of tags3077 we don't normally wear clothes902 weapon30499 x eyes655


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Background Pony #F07B
I see the FO:E stuff in here and honestly I'm surprised you didn't make the Malign Mirror the soul mirror from the fic