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Looks like Sweetie Drops couldn’t rescue her friend out from sex dungeon..

explicit482837 grimdark30987 artist:n0nnny621 bon bon19079 lyra heartstrings34530 sweetie drops19077 earth pony520348 pony1640430 unicorn555712 g42064690 abuse9780 animated128401 balls deep2482 blowjob42900 blushing281890 bon abuse31 boop9495 clopfic in the comments1069 deepthroat6946 derail in the comments369 dickboop380 drool35552 drool string8349 facefuck2879 female1843718 femsub14923 frame by frame4772 gif50022 gritted teeth19897 horsecock102022 ketchup vein2049 looking at something5277 lyrabuse84 male564724 maledom7096 nudity524903 open mouth245573 oral66896 penis218692 precum15428 rape9236 salivating2501 sex175548 story in the comments1845 straight183058 submissive24203 teeth23209 throat bulge5089 throbbing965 vein16206 vein bulge4629 veiny cock13423


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Background Pony #7468
That was just fan service. And if that was the case then why didn’t the writers just say so? All they say is that they’re just friends. And seeing how the show is so inocent that the characters aren’t even allowed to kiss each other, only when it’s a very special ocasion, i doubt they would ever do such a thing.
The thing is that bronies likes to think that way even when themselves says they’re best friends. And that’s fine since ‘there’s no wrong way to fantasise’. But saying it’s canon when it’s not, can be really anoying
Your comment aged badly
Background Pony #47DA
I wouldn’t think this was rape if not for the tags and description, just looks like some really kinky shit. People don’t blush and look like that when they are being raped. Amazing art though, holy shit.
Background Pony #695F
So…what this picture about, then? Oh, right—anatomically correct mini-horse sized equines with comically large cocks fucking.
Anatomically correct? Dude, their eyeballs take up about 90% of their skull. If we (and you seem to be included here) can blithely ignore the fact that they’re probably too large to be collocated within those heads, we can probably manage to accept some other biological cock-ups (pun very much intended) as a consequence of an image that is primarily intended to be about hot pony suffering.
The Frowning Pony

13 blinks per minute
@Background Pony #9A43  
The attributes MLP characters have in art can be whatever the artist wants them to be.
Let me give you a short list of differences between MLP ponies in canon and real-life ponies:  
-> MLP ponies can talk  
-> MLP ponies can hold things in their hooves  
-> MLP ponies can form complex societies  
-> MLP ponies can construct cities full of skyscrapers  
-> MLP ponies can walk on their hind legs  
-> MLP ponies can control objects with their mind, and much much more with magic  
-> MLP ponies can fly  
-> MLP ponies can walk on clouds  
-> MLP ponies can vomit  
-> MLP ponies have round irises  
-> MLP ponies farm rocks  
-> MLP ponies can speak with other animals  
-> MLP ponies can use the power of friendship to rainbow-canon the darkness  
-> etc. etc. etc.
But according to you, despite all the really obvious differences between fantastical cartoon characters vaguely resembling equines and actual horses, the one thing that must be the same between them if there’s a visual resemblance is male genitalia.
I hate myself for having typed out this much over something so absurd. This is like meeting the r63 satch/dewflower.
Background Pony #50BA
I’m saying you can have one or the other, not one that looks ‘realistic’ but doesn’t act like it; you might as well give them human dicks (a rare thing on this site, honestly). If you want it to make it more human-like, go for it, but why make it look realistic when the MLPs barely act or look like real ponies? It’s like giving a human chimpanzees genitals.
If they have horse cock or vagina, have it act like it; humanoid ones (doesn’t have to be 100% human-ish, of course) should behave as a human does. If you want both, then make the genitals a combination of both, much like how the MLPs are a combination of human and equines.
(In case you’re wondering, I just find both sets attractive; not sure why anyone else on this site tries to hide it.)
You can keep arguing if you want
Who’s arguing? This is considered an argument? Really? Huh.
So—this really is all about giving virtual high-fives.
Am I a nuisance, or am I just not agreeing with everyone, and they’re all bending out of shape about it like I came in and kicked their TV or something? It’s not like I’m taking away anything of yours.
@Background Pony #7058
I don’t think the artist cares. In fact, this is giving them traffic to their picture; why would they care?
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
Artist -

@Background Pony #9A43  
Because you’re trying to have your cake and eat it too (or however the saying goes.)  
You keep proving how this is not how real horses function, but at the same time, you try to label this bestiality.
You’re gonna have to choose here.
Also, if there is bestiality on here, leave this image and go to it instead.
Anyway, I’m done now. You can keep arguing if you want, but I’m done.
Background Pony #50BA
Except for the episodes that featured the amulet or Alicorns; sure. If it’s impossible for the amulet to change someone’s gender, then it’s impossible to do so as an Alicorn. I didn’t see any size augmentation spells (and if there were, then I concede; it has been a while). There are things Celestia, Luna and Candance clearly cannot do; their magical abilities are tied to their cutie mark. Twilight can do a bunch because her talent is magic.
If it was, you’d be looking at anatomically correct equines fucking.
So…what this picture about, then? Oh, right—anatomically correct mini-horse sized equines with comically large cocks fucking.
“and all those human qualities.
Those aren’t there because of “human qualities”; they’re there because it’s a human fetish.
“If you want bestiality, you’re at the wrong place. “
HA! You kidding me? Anatomically correct is even a tag on here. There is a myriad upon myriad of threads on this very site that have, in detail, about realistic horse reproduction, anatomy, and biology. There’s even an estrus tag! Dolphins are smart enough not to need it, but sapient equines? Sure—because we still think the MLPs are feral when they’re clearly not.
Also—who knew I could accidentally trigger so many people for being honest with myself?
Background Pony #BFB8
Ugh, this kind of stuff in the comments is what lose our community artists sometimes.
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2019) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends.

Y'all are stupid!
Gee, i got out for lunch and then a storm happens. Can’t you all just move on? Everyone got their belives and no belive is better than the other
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
Artist -

@Background Pony #9A43  
You have no way of proving that the Alicorn Amulet or Alicorns couldn’t something like that.
And no, this is not bestiality. If it was, you’d be looking at anatomically correct equines fucking. Y’know, not ponies who, as you pointed out in your first comment, don’t act like real horses, with their permenantly flared tips or their thrusting and all those human qualities.
If you want bestiality, you’re at the wrong place.
Background Pony #50BA
Even magic has limits; the Alicorn Amulet couldn’t do everything, and not even Alicorns are all-powerful.
Be real here: the cocks are big because a dude drew this; it’s always flared because want the dick to look bigger to compensate; it slides down her throat because they want it to look like it hurts.
” Stop thinking too much”
This is considered thinking too much? Whoops.
“go watch bestiality mate.”
You mean this isn’t? Weird, since they’re ponies with feral genitalia.
@The Frowning Pony
You mean I’m the only one doing that? Aww…
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
Artist -

@The Frowning Pony  
Just the right amount of savage.
@Background Pony #9A43  
MLP has magic into it. Why is the cock so big? Magic. Why is it always flared? Magic. Why is it so bendy and able to slide down that throat? Magic! Stop thinking too much into it and beat your meat like everyone else. This is fantasy porn for a reason. If you want real, 100% realistic horsecocks, go watch bestiality mate.