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Because it had to be done!
safe1946100 artist:alphamonouryuuken197 edit154454 edited screencap78645 screencap257346 daybreaker3393 twilight sparkle330073 fire pony121 pony1295764 a royal problem2295 feeling pinkie keen952 bad end2554 clapping751 eyes closed118030 fiery teacher and apprentice10 happy37670 mane of fire1625 meme88405 nightmare1539 rapidash twilight430 student303 teacher1090 teacher and student399 that's my pony257 that's my x434 video game reference92


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Background Pony #D08B
My headcanon is that every pony has different form that is either like Daybreaker or Nightmare Moon
Background Pony #2D5C
i have a theory. what if twilight wasn’t referring to rapidash. what if she was possibly foreshadowing or hinting about a certain villian that could possibly appear one day? (daybreaker)
Background Pony #F39A
Twilight Sparkle in full rage mode with an flaming mane and tail known as Rapidash Twilight = The ORIGINAL Day Breaker.
Celestia turned villain Day Breaker = The COPY Day Breaker.
Sorry Celestia, but Twilight beat you to the punch years ago. The way I see it, Twilight’s the teacher and you’re the student.
Rapidash Twilight: “That’s MY student!”
Day Breaker: “Not funny, Twilight…”
Rapidash Twilight: “Sorry, but I was here first a long time ago before you even arrived on the scene.”
Duck - Likes to sockpuppet for drama
Duck - 1104243, just... 1104243
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I don’t see how a simple blur effect is all that impressive. Sure, it definitely looks much better, at least in this show’s style, but any amateur with a copy of flash could just take the symbol containing the fire animation and add a blur filter to it.
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Eternal Flame
Mh, dunno. I like the idea of Sunset being Celestia’s daughter a lot more. Then again, throwing this into the fray as well could make the SunsetSparkle a lot more… “interesting” all of the sudden.