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Treehouse screencaps of this episode aren’t very good color-wise, re-uploading a few.
safe1879318 screencap244524 dear darling226 fond feather223 swoon song232 earth pony321420 pegasus364568 pony1225221 unicorn401819 hard to say anything863 background pony10884 bedroom eyes67690 bimbettes192 discovery family logo11847 female1517054 lidded eyes35707 looking at you199300 mare566620 raised hoof55416 seductive2787 smiling302592 trio13687 trio female2919


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Ponies are hot
Maybe because the music and these ponies are sexy? That’s how I felt when I listened to that japanese music and thought about this picture at the same time. It’s seductively tempting! :)
Background Pony #D81B
I hadn’t thought of that. When I looked at these three I thought they were wearing Disney princess hair styles, and I didn’t connect with that scene (which is an obvious reference now).
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Megalomaniacal toaster
What are Din, Farore and Nayru doing in My Little Pony?  
Probably looking for that Link pony who showed up a while back
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Reasonable trolling
Anyone get the usual “handsome man/hero walks by 3 love struck woman and the 3 of them want to marry him aka EVERY STORY THE INCLUDES A HANDSOME SON OF A BITCH IN” vibe from these 3
What I mean is you know how some medieval tales of knights, espically if they’re a animated story/tale, will sometimes show the hero or someone of the role walking by 3 woman and either doing something that makes 1 or all 3 faint

Ponies are hot
I got totally hooked by these freaking suggestive scene with these mares giving bedroom eyes at me. Especially the red mare! She’s my fave of the bimbettes right now.
Background Pony #F288
@Background Pony #A0CD  
Sure, I wouldn’t expect to see it paraded onscreen anytime soon, but it’s obviously going to be just as accepted in Equestria and all, is what I meant. Your comment sounded like you were claiming that gay marriage wouldn’t be allowed or accepted or something, which would be ridiculous.
If you just meant that Hasbro is unlikely to add an openly gay character(s) because of potential drama from certain people, then yeah, that’s probably true in the current political climate, so I’d agree with that much, but gay marriage is obviously going to be legal and just as accepted in Equestria.
Anyway, I’m tired, should probably just go to bed. This conversation is drifting around too much anyway.
Background Pony #62CB
@Background Pony #A2D5  
What i meant by that is that we’re not going to see Lyra and Bonbon doing more than touching their cheeks and gazing into each other not because the writers (or me for that matter) dont want to but because Hasbro is going to avoid controversy for their kids show.I’m 100 % sure that a lot of people here on Derpibooru are okay with gay marriage but outside of the brony fandom,there’s still pressure group like the usual zealot or the Parents Television Council lurking.