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safe1946077 artist:johnjoseco4501 bow hothoof1222 rainbow dash257168 scootaloo55131 windy whistles2442 pegasus395005 pony1295746 awkward smile317 blushing234704 clothes549613 cloud37249 cute232040 cutealoo3405 dashabetes10806 eye clipping through hair10589 family5044 female1579342 filly82983 folded wings12241 freckles35707 grin51569 gritted teeth16178 looking at you212326 male450599 mare603934 on a cloud2397 pennant75 rainbow dash's parents346 scootalove1797 shirt31689 signature34207 sky18681 smiling323530 smirk15530 spread wings73155 squee2050 stallion145572 teeth14590 the cmc's cutie marks5008 windyhoof327 wing hands2473 wings169040


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Background Pony #F243
Scootaloo:Mom, Dad, thank you!
Windy Whistles:It’s no worry. I even added sprinkles!
Rainbow Dash:Guys, you’re gonna spoil Scootaloo.
Bow Hothoof:Don’t be jealous, Rainbow Dash! It’s fine.