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safe1919137 artist:johnjoseco4501 bow hothoof1212 rainbow dash254879 scootaloo54589 windy whistles2404 pegasus382608 pony1266741 awkward smile310 blushing230994 clothes540230 cloud36365 cute228367 cutealoo3336 dashabetes10674 eye clipping through hair10199 family4997 female1554553 filly80914 grin50023 looking at you207348 male441713 mare588117 pennant75 rainbow dash's parents344 scootalove1777 shirt30978 sky17978 smiling315382 smirk15200 spread wings70820 squee2037 stallion141136 windyhoof325 wing hands2429 wings163112


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Background Pony #F243
Scootaloo:Mom, Dad, thank you!
Windy Whistles:It’s no worry. I even added sprinkles!
Rainbow Dash:Guys, you’re gonna spoil Scootaloo.
Bow Hothoof:Don’t be jealous, Rainbow Dash! It’s fine.