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safe1749514 artist:vector-brony749 big macintosh28819 discord31803 pinkie pie220087 rainbow dash238476 spike80474 squizard41 draconequus12787 dragon58677 earth pony265591 pegasus308825 pony1009659 skeleton pony346 unicorn341926 dungeons and discords789 absurd resolution67012 armor24446 arrow2270 bard266 bard pie80 blast689 bomb639 bone3149 bow (weapon)1446 bow and arrow944 captain wuzz102 clothes475612 d2082 dungeons and dragons1317 fantasy class1545 female1401047 garbuncle106 hat90248 levitation12543 magic75346 magic beam342 magic blast1030 magic staff74 male387715 mare501759 mouth hold18056 ogres and oubliettes301 parsnip25 quiver173 race swap14669 rainbow rogue87 rearing5863 rogue190 roleplaying555 shield2207 simple background408802 sir mcbiggen115 skeleton1952 stallion115614 telekinesis28693 transparent background208685 unicorn big mac129 vector77845 wall of tags3643 weapon31411 wizard653 wizard hat941


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