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safe1918892 artist:buttersprinkle369 rarity199252 sweetie belle52451 pony1266522 unicorn420103 behaving like a cat2538 buttersprinkle is trying to murder us40 chest fluff50568 cuddling9416 cute228338 daaaaaaaaaaaw5579 diasweetes3290 eyes closed115149 female1554341 filly80908 floppy ears62300 hnnng2590 kitty belle52 mare588003 neck nuzzle230 nuzzling4465 raised hoof57316 raribetes6200 raricat346 sisters11901 sitting75412 smiling315320 snuggling6895 weapons-grade cute4188


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Background Pony #F8F5
I thought Pudge was the only artist to draw fuzzy catpones. I’m liking this, though.