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Normal sunday night.Oh no, Raridashtober is ending! Only one day left!

safe2152709 artist:raridashdoodles324 rainbow dash277093 rarity215715 pegasus487254 pony1580602 unicorn527991 g42005115 :<1528 :>385 :c807 :d1827 :o6581 c:1352 chibi18161 commonity90 couch12275 cute262970 daaaaaaaaaaaw6881 dashabetes12091 derail in the comments364 eating13177 eyes closed136870 female1779111 food99859 lesbian116403 mare727163 micro11770 movie837 multeity2999 no mouth785 open mouth232648 ponies in food455 popcorn1994 raribetes6968 rarimouse34 ship:raridash2105 shipping250949 sitting90642 size difference20830 smiling389188 spread wings91712 this is fine214 tiny ponies2054 wat21735 wide eyes19742


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Just noticed an uncolored section of mane on the Rarimouse in peril (bottom-left).
I also just counted them. Artist is one short, but now I’m certain he read (maybe just the title) that Darth Link fanfic.
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I`m suspisious to them
Finally, you found too many Rarity`s eggs, and you ended up so many rarities with some popcorn and watch the movie.
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Yeah, I’ll admit that it can be (provided everyone has fun doing it. Not having fun is heresy, btw.) Might have kept going a bit but didn’t want to risk derailing the thread too much.  
By the way, I could comment about this picture, in that it is detailed, and the tiny Rarities swarming around Dash are funny and cute.
Also this. Very much.
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Because to me, this is an over-reaction, and I love to see over-reactions. Watching Bronies (and Warhammer 40K fans) over-react and rage (jokingly), over little things like these, is a fun thing to do.
By the way, I could comment about this picture, in that it is detailed, and the tiny Rarities swarming around Dash are funny and cute.