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With season 2 now come & gone, I thought it would be appropriate to have another group shot of the cast like the poster for Comic Con 2011, this time with characters that appeared in the second season. Its probably not the best arrangement of the characters, but with what I could find that would fit, I think it turned out pretty well.
Which brings me to one important fact;
ALL the character vectors shown as well as the background, were taken form the mlp-vectorclub, so credit goes to the fans who drew them, for I am not bothering to list every single name here.
I should however, give a special credit to sibsy for her OC that was featured in the season finale. Her appearance as a background character made me do quite the double-take. :D
Characters that are STILL missing however;
  • Rarity’s parents
  • Nurse Redheart
  • the Timberwolves
  • the construction ponies
  • The Big Lebowski cameo ponies
I’m quite sure I can’t fit anymore characters in this piece, but if someone can do Rarity’s parents looking shocked (as I plan to put them beside Crackle in the background in the next update), that would be awesome. So one of you fans get to it!
Plus, it was only a matter of time before Seth saw this :)
Featured in its own post on EQD! link
On! link
AND even on TV Tropes! (or was until the official poster was eventually released and replaced it :( ) link
My word, people are going to be peeved when this wallpaper is updated. :O
With that said, heres to the end of a great season, to a great cartoon! :clap:

safe2211096 artist:blue-paint-sea86 allie way602 aloe3164 amethyst star3014 angel bunny11519 apple bloom60887 applejack203459 berry punch7591 berryshine7591 big macintosh34148 blossomforth1620 bon bon19095 bulk biceps3891 carrot cake2515 carrot top6189 cerberus (g4)216 cheerilee11362 cherry berry2584 cherry jubilee1278 cloudchaser4329 crackle371 cranky doodle donkey1236 cup cake4993 daisy3007 daring do7313 derpy hooves58224 diamond tiara11952 dinky hooves4720 discord37918 dj pon-333641 doctor whooves11886 donut joe885 fancypants2428 featherweight1392 filthy rich1321 flam2487 fleur-de-lis4634 flim2596 flitter3409 flower wishes3007 fluttershy262714 garble2246 golden harvest6189 granny smith6201 gummy5746 gustave le grande272 iron will1472 junebug453 lily2381 lily valley2382 lotus blossom3315 lucy packard60 lyra heartstrings34551 mare do well1103 matilda609 mayor mare3892 minuette6999 mulia mild145 night light3047 nurse sweetheart290 octavia melody28019 opalescence2417 owlowiscious2256 parcel post134 peewee317 pinkie pie259837 pipsqueak3210 post haste134 pound cake3097 princess cadance40840 princess celestia114497 princess luna118910 pumpkin cake2793 queen chrysalis42856 rainbow dash284298 rarity220631 roseluck6282 scootaloo59472 screw loose613 screwball1625 shining armor28584 silver spoon7651 smarty pants1584 snails5815 snips4643 soarin'18077 sparkler3014 spike93368 spitfire15897 sweetie belle57449 sweetie drops19095 tank3149 thunderlane5008 time turner11886 turf92 twilight sparkle363059 twilight velvet5609 vinyl scratch33641 wild fire952 winona2847 zecora11318 alligator1847 bird14148 cerberus306 changeling67692 donkey2737 dragon87860 earth pony520759 griffon37514 minotaur1331 owl1803 pegasus513388 pony1641329 windigo775 zebra24388 g42065688 season 25232 absurd resolution68190 canterlot7341 cutie mark crusaders22703 everypony419 female1845125 flim flam brothers1472 group shot630 male565071 mare767881 multiple heads2072 poster7135 ship:crankilda135 ship:shiningcadance3647 shipping259239 so much pony161 straight183125 three heads679 vector90848 wall of tags7131 young granny smith829


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Background Pony #AE1D
if you look closely behind Twilight Sparkle’s dad, there’s a pony hidden.