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safe1677054 artist:imalou475 princess ember6339 dragon54499 gauntlet of fire1461 badass3227 bloodstone scepter867 claws4932 cloud29893 dragon lord ember1049 epic1360 female1336921 frown22462 glare8193 lightning3064 long nails482 metal as fuck164 queen637 solo1044230 that was fast1363 weapon29808


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Heh, I know, I looked that up two days ago. Also, I've no idea if Ember is of sexual maturity for a dragon (hard to say, what with different headcanons for dragons and such), but I'd like to think she is. And even if she isn't I'd still be all over that

And that is why humans should give up on space travel. If you're not willing to get freaky with the neighbours, you probably shouldn't cruise the area.

I am so willing to get freaky with the neighbours, you have no idea. :P

@Lucky Shot
But wasn't he only involved with the one girl from from Abydos, Sha're. Also he doesn't really count since that was just displaced humans. Now, if he had gotten freaky deaky with an Unas or something…
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To society at large, wanting to fuck cartoon horses and wanting to fuck real horses isn't any different.

Hell, they don't even care if the horses are anthropomorphic. They still consider it zoophilic.

Probably don't want to say that too loud.


But, eh, I'm not too concerned about what people think in regard to that. The only explicit material at this point that arouses me is animal-related (usually feral, but some anthro/furry stuff works too). 'Perceptual fluency meets furry porn' is basically what happened to me.